SRA Introduces Volpara Density for the most accurate breast density screening

Southtowns Radiology First in WNY to Adopt Quantitative Breast Imaging Tools from Volpara Solutions to Maintain Accuracy in Breast Screening

VolparaDensity™ Provides Comprehensive Volumetric Data to Deliver Actionable Intelligence for Digital Mammography Screening of Women with Dense Breasts

Sept. 1, 2014 – Southtowns Radiology became the first in Western New York to offer VolparaDensity™ breast imaging software to help overcome the limitations of mammography to detect cancer in women with dense breasts. VolparaDensity is designed to provide actionable intelligence to help maintain accuracy and consistent quality in breast screening.  It categorizes breast density into four categories – A, B, C and D – to provide the radiologist with a 100% accurate reading of dense breast tissue.

With three convenient locations, Southtowns Radiology is an accredited Breast Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology. Volpara Solutions provides the ability to offer objective breast density values and volumetric performance metrics for all digital mammograms performed at the Hamburg and Orchard Park offices.

Breast density has not only been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer, it also decreases the sensitivity of the mammogram and thereby may impact early detection. Thirty-five percent of breast cancer goes undetected by mammography in women with dense breasts, as density masks the appearance of tumors (Boyd et al 2007, NEJM). Since dense breast tissue and cancer appear white on a mammogram, finding cancers can be analogous to looking for a snowball in a snow storm.


Cleared by the FDA, HealthCanada, the TGA and CE-marked, VolparaDensity is used by radiologists to objectively assess density from digital mammography  images and help evaluate who might benefit from additional screening. Highly correlated to breast MR assessments, VolparaDensity is a reliable tool which automatically generates an objective, automatic measurement of volumetric breast density and a FDA cleared BI-RADS breast density category. To date, more than 3 million women have had their volumetric breast density analyzed using VolparaDensity.

Learn more at UnderstandBreastDensity.Org