Volpara is the solution to your next mammogram

Volpara is the solution to your next mammogram—

And Southtowns Radiology is the place.

by Shannon Traphagen

Article published in Buffalo Healthy Living Magazine


Every woman faces a time in their lives when mammograms become reality. Whether you are experienced or having one done for the first time, the feelings are usually the same—anxiety, worry, stress.

I remember when I had my first mammogram, only thirty five at the time, I did it just to be proactive. With no history in the family, my nerves were still off the charts. I knew I had nothing to fear, but it didn’t stop my worrying—and I’m not alone in this feeling. This is how many women feel when having a mammogram.

Southtowns Radiology has gone to great lengths to help ease that emotional toll, working hard to help women understand the make-up of their breasts and be proactive about breast health.

Part of being proactive is in understanding breast density. Breast density is the amount of fatty tissue that makes up women’s breasts. When you look at an x-ray of your mammogram, what you most likely see is dark tissue. White areas represent the amount of dense tissue; the less fatty tissue a woman has, the denser the breast is. This “density” is known as fibroglandular tissue. White areas of fibroglandular tissue can obscure small masses in mammography.

Southtowns Radiology has taken an innovative and simplified approach to enhance screening accuracy while still utilizing traditional mammogram technology. “Digital mammograms are still extremely relevant,” states Emilie Beecher, Southtown’s marketing manager. Southtown’s approach is in using a technology called Volpara Density; a tool that works in the background of a mammogram to give the most accurate screening. “Volpara works behind the scenes of digital mammography, detecting density type,” Emilie states. She continues, “Higher density doesn’t mean cancer. It means an ultrasound or other follow up may be needed.”

Volpara uses precision and accuracy to determine breast health, alleviating follow up that might not be necessary. Volpara also allows women to understand the make-up of their breasts in an uncomplicated way. Think of the computers we use daily. We have software running in the background to detect anything out of the ordinary. Volpara works much the same way. It gives radiologists an “extra set of eyes” from a different perspective.

“Ultimately we want to give women as much information as we can so they can make the best decisions for themselves—and Volpara helps us do that,” states Emilie.

Not only does Southtowns Radiology have exclusive use of Volpara density, but they make every experience unique for each patient that walks through their doors. They treat everyone with empathy and individualized care. They are a team, a family, and they treat each patient as part of that family.

Their compassion, empathy, and endless innovation into early cancer detection are what help save lives. And it’s this level of care that makes Southtowns Radiology a leader in cancer detection, breast health and education.

If you would like to know more about Volpara Density, call Southtowns Radiology at 558-5400, visit www.southtownsradiology.com, or stop by one of their three locations in Hamburg, Orchard Park or West Seneca, NY.