Are You Concerned About the Risks of Radiation?

Ever since the dawn of the nuclear age, the public has been vividly aware of the effects of radiation. Once you grow out of the comic-book-inspired hope of superpowers, the risks of radiation exposure become hard to ignore. Diagnosing and treating diseases with radiation may seem counterintuitive, but it’s a standard, absolutely indispensable part of modern medicine. If you’re concerned about the risks of radiation during an upcoming X-ray, CT or other treatment, the following information should put your mind at ease.

Radiation Occurs Naturally

While we obviously should try to avoid unnecessary exposure, eliminating all radiation contact is impossible. Regular activities expose us to small amounts every day, and the risks of radiation at these levels are quite small. The extra radiation you’ll receive during a mammogram, for example, is about the same as you would get during a cross-country flight. A diagnostic test (which might save your life!) is definitely worth it.

Radiation Doses Are Carefully Controlled

Radiologists do everything possible to use as little radiation as possible during your tests. At Southtowns Radiology, we use the most advanced equipment available to ensure a clear image with minimal risk. A simple chest X-ray (a very common procedure) exposes you to the same amount of radiation as you would normally receive in about ten days.

Limiting Unnecessary Tests

Conspiracy-minded types like to think that medical professionals love to perform unnecessary tests to rack up your bill. The truth is the guidelines that limit unnecessary testing are quite strict. Though often accused by conspiracy theorists of being in cahoots with pharmaceutical and medical technology companies, the CDC recommends strict guidelines limiting medical radiation usage. Our professionals will only support scans that are necessary for you. You can feel confident the risks of radiation will be limited.

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