Should I Worry About Radiation from Medical Imaging?

It’s perfectly natural to be concerned about how medical treatments will affect your health. After all, we only get one body each, right? For decades, X-ray imaging and other diagnostic tests have been a fundamental part of medicine. While some people believe the radiation from medical imaging might do more harm than good, we’d like to set your mind at ease. Why can you be certain the radiation from routine exams won’t harm you?

Medical imaging – Is it always safe?

It seems like simple, common sense to limit your exposure to anything that could be dangerous to your body. Does medical radiation fall into this category? Generally speaking, the answer is a definitive “no.” Though common medical exams, such as a mammogram or CT scan, do expose you to extra radiation, the doses are much lower than you might think. For example, the dose of radiation received during many tests is roughly equivalent to what you would be exposed to during a cross-country flight. When you consider that an X-ray or mammogram could save your life, the choice is obvious.

Medical imaging’s role in early detection

Though medicine has made some amazing advances in recent decades, cures for our most devastating diseases are still out of reach. By far, our most powerful weapon in the fight against cancer and other common ailments is prevention and early detection. In breast cancer, for instance, the 5-year survival rate for cancers that are discovered late is just 22 percent. In contrast, early detection and treatment make the odds for recovery jump to almost 100 percent! For those at high risk of developing breast cancer, early detection is a literal life-saver.

Low-dose imaging reduces the risk even further

Despite the already low-risk nature of medical imaging, we are always striving to make your experience even better. Today, medical imaging is safer than it has ever been. At Southtowns Radiology, we use the most modern equipment possible to ensure safer imaging for you. No matter what your screening or diagnostic imaging needs may be, you can be sure your health will be in good hands. Our three locations in the Buffalo, NY area provide a wide array of imaging services. Contact us today or schedule an appointment to find out more.