Mammography Sensory Suites

The Lynn Women’s Health and Wellness Institute, in Boca Raton performed an interesting study on the use of the senses during a mammographic procedure.  Over the course of one year, as they implemented 3D tomosynthesis mammography, they gathered data on the use of sound and visual therapy along with aromatherapy and essential oils. The facility had a mammography room they dubbed as a Sensory Suite. Patients who were brought to this room enjoyed a scene and sounds of their choice on two large-screen televisions.  They could choose from a nature scene with a babbling brook, an ocean scene with the sound of crashing waves or a forest with the birds happily chirping. The study concluded with the following:

  • Patients were more relaxed during the procedure.
  • The CC view had a quarter inch to one-half inch more tissue than the previous year.
  • The patients reported a less painful mammogram that previously experienced.
  • The patients asked to be scheduled in the Sensory Suite for their next visit.

After seeing the results of this study, Southtowns Radiology decided to add similar items to our mammography suites in hopes for a similar response. Each room boasts comforting artwork in a nontraditional medical room setting. We diffuse essential oils and play soothing white noise, both known to calm people.  To date, we have found that these additions have helped to ease the anxiety of most patients.

At Southtowns Radiology, our highly trained technologists take pride in offering the best imaging along with the best possible experience for every patient they care for. Schedule your mammogram today. 






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