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MRI Pelvic Floor

MRI of the Pelvic Floor and MRI Defecography are available at this location:

Orchard Park

3050 Orchard Park Road, West Seneca, NY 14224
phone: 716.558.5400
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Wide Oval 1.5T MRI

Southtowns Radiology Offers MRI of the Pelvic Floor.

An MRI of the pelvic floor is often ordered to help healthcare providers understand unexplained difficulties with over urination or defecation, including leaky stool.

In women, this scan can help to specifically investigate infertility, endometriosis, unexplained pelvic pain, prolapse, and uterine fibroids. In men, it may look for conditions such as an undescended testicle or unexplained swelling in the scrotum or testicles.

As a facility accredited in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) by the American College of Radiology, Southtowns Radiology offers Pelvic Floor MRI studies on our 1.5T high field oval MRI scanner in our Orchard Park office.

Southtowns Radiology specializes in MRI Defecography.

Southtowns Radiology is the only outpatient imaging center in all eight counties of Western New York that offers specialized Defecography MRI studies for patients. Using a strong magnetic field and radio waves, our doctors specifically examine how the pelvic muscles are working during rectal function.

Our MRI Defecography study gives detailed insight into the causes of fecal inconsistency, constipation, and pelvic organ prolapse, which can interfere with the ability to pass stool regularly.

Southtowns Radiology offers Breast MRI in Orchard Park

MRI Exams for your Comfort

Southtowns Radiology utilizes our 1.5 magnet high field Oval MRI in Orchard Park for Pelvic Floor MRI and Defecography MRI studies. Our new scanner features a large cylinder shaped cavity and is open at either end; it is the widest MRI scanner currently on the market. We also offer Pelvic Floor MRI patients a private bathroom and private changing rooms within the MRI suite.

If you are concerned about claustrophobia, if you struggle in closed spaces, or have had a hard time completing a study with a traditional MRI, Southtowns Radiology can work with you to offer sedation – please ask about this when scheduling your appointment.

To learn more about our state-of-the-art technology, please visit our MRI page. We are here to ensure you have a good experience from the beginning, and that starts with helping you feel prepared. We encourage you to review the following materials in preparation of your Pelvic Floor or Defecography MRI:

Do you work in a physician's office?

If you work in a physician’s office and would like information regarding our MRI technology or ordering studies for your patients, please contact our Marketing Specialist, Linda Gates at 716.649.9000 ext. 241 or email her at [email protected].

How will I receive the results from my Defecography MRI?

Following your scan, your images will be interpreted by a board-certified radiologist who specializes in Pelvic Floor MRI imaging:

Our physician will provide a detailed report to the healthcare provider who ordered your scan and you should expect to hear your scan results from your healthcare provider directly.

If you are enrolled in HEALTHeLINK, our radiologist’s report will be available for your healthcare provider to access and to review electronically in your record. Southtowns Radiology will also send the report to any other medical professionals, including specialists or primary care providers, that you indicated should receive a copy.

Your healthcare providers are able to access the images taken during your MRI exam, and our radiologist’s report, anytime via our secure physician portal. Southtowns Radiology can provide copies of your images on DVD when requested by your provider.

If you still have questions—we’re here to help. Give us a call at 716.649.9000.

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