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Positron Emission Tomography (PET) combined with Computed Tomography (CT) is a highly advanced and sophisticated type of nuclear medicine imaging that helps doctors see how the organs and tissues are functioning or metabolizing inside the body. PET/CT imaging, sometimes also called a PET Scan, is non-invasive and can help uncover diseases at very early stages.

Most often, PET/CT scans help physicians and specialists find a particular disease, such as various types of cancer, heart disease, neurological disorders, and other conditions. This imaging can detect abnormalities even if they are not yet visible in other studies, such as an MRI. PET/CT studies can be exceptionally useful for pulmonologists, cardiologists, ENT providers, neurologists and oncologists.

Because the images produced can also show if cancer has metastasized or spread to other areas of the body, this study can aid significantly in determining a patient’s stage of cancer, their response to treatment, or if there is a recurrence of disease. With this high level of detail, physicians can save time obtaining clear information, shape treatment planning, and support patients with informed decision making.

Southtowns Radiology offers PET/CT Scans in our West Seneca office on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Call 716.649.9000 to schedule your appointment.

We are the closest outpatient medical imaging center that routinely offers PET/CT scans for patients in Angola, Blasdell, Boston, Derby, East Aurora, Eden, Elma, Hamburg, Lackawanna, Lakeview, North Collins, Orchard Park, Silvercreek, Springville, South Buffalo, and West Seneca.

If you work in a physician’s office and would like information regarding PET/CT, and offering this imaging to patients close to their home with Southtowns Radiology, please contact Chuck Kuehlewind at 716.649.9000 ext. 241 or

How does a PET/CT Scan Work?

A PET/CT study uses special imaging cameras and an injection of a radioactive type of sugar to produce pictures of the function and metabolism of the cells in the body.
After the injection, it typically takes from 45 minutes to 1 hour for the radiotracer to travel throughout the body and be absorbed into the organs or tissues to be examined. The scan itself may take another 30 to 60 minutes and the total appointment time is approximately 2 hours.

How can I prepare for my PET/Scan?

We understand that medical testing can cause feelings of anxiety and uncertainty – we are here to ensure you have a good experience from the beginning, and that starts with helping you feel prepared.

We encourage you to review the following materials in preparation of your PET/CT Scan:

Southtowns Radiology PET/CT Patient Information Form
Southtowns Radiology PET/CT Diabetic Menu
Southtowns Radiology Patient Information Center

Additionally, once your appointment is scheduled, you should expect a call from our Central Scheduling Department to review in-depth medical history as well as your insurance information. Prior authorization is usually needed for this study, and we will work closely with your referring provider to make sure this is approved before your visit.

If you still have questions – we’re here to help. Give us a call at 716.649.9000.


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