AI for early breast cancer detection

Early detection of breast cancer is important for better outcomes and treatment options. SecondReadAITM uses artificial intelligence (AI) to perform a detailed analysis of your mammogram and alert the interpreting physician of any suspicious areas that may be too small for the human eye to identify.

See the SecondReadAITM difference

Radiologist review: no cancer detected.

SecondReadAITM review: suspicion of breast cancer detected (indicated by yellow highlighted area).

Take care of yourself

Consider SecondReadAITM as a second set of eyes to review tiny details of your mammogram are provide you peach of mind.

Catching potential problems early is key to staying healthy and stay ahead of breast cancer. Give this gift to yourself…because YOU ARE WORTH IT.


The benefits of SecondReadAITM

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SecondReadAI FAQs


Why should I choose SecondReadAI for my mammogram?
  • According to the American Cancer Society, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. ****** The 5-year survival rate of early detected cancer (Stage 1 or 2) is 96% compared to 65% when detected in later-stage cancer (Stage 3 or 4) (source).
  • SecondReadAITM uses Lunit INSIGHT, an artificial intelligence tool that provides a digital analysis of your mammogram and alerts the physician to suspicious areas
    According to a clinical study, Radiologists using AI (Lunit INSIGHT) significantly increased their cancer detection rate compared to the radiologists unassisted by AI.***
  • In the same clinical study, Lunit INSIGHT, as a standalone product, outperformed Radiologists in detecting early-stage (T1 and node-negative) cancers by as much as 15%.
Is there an out-of-pocket cost associated with 2ndReadAI?
  • The cost of SecondReadAITM is $40.00. Insurance companies are not currently covering this cost.
  • Self-pay rates are subject to change at anytime.
  • Health reimbursement accounts such as HSAs and FHAs can be used a payment sources.
Will I get a separate report for SecondReadAI?

Your AI results are interpreted by the radiologist and are included in the mammography report.

Does SecondReadAI require additional time for my exam?

No additional time is required of the patient. The AI analysis is applied after the images have been sent to the radiologist. The processing time is about 90 seconds for each study.

Does SecondReadAI replace the radiologist?

No. SecondReadAITM exists to assist the radiologist by providing a detailed analysis of the mammogram to point out areas of concern, which the radiologist then factors into the interpretation of the exam.

Does Southtowns use the best available AI tools? Is this different than other AI or computer-aided detection programs?

Southtowns selected Lunit INSIGHT because it has proven high performance compared to other AI tools. In a recent publication comparing the performance of other AI tools, Lunit INSIGHT showed the best overall performance (Link to full publication in Jama Oncology:)

This AI software cannot guarantee breast cancer detection with 100% accuracy

Has this AI tool been reviewed by the FDA?

Yes. Lunit INSIGHT is FDA cleared (510K)^ product and available for clinical use in the US.

^A 510 (k) is a premarket submission made to FDA to demonstrate that the device to be marketed is as safe and effective, that is, substantially equivalent, to a legally marketed device (section 513 (i) (1) (A) FD&C Act).

This AI software cannot guarantee breast cancer detection with 100% accuracy.

Where else is Lunit INSIGHT being used?

Lunit INSIGHT is widely used globally and is considered to be an accurate AI for mammography screening second look technology. It is currently used in some of the world’s largest breast screening settings to assist radiologists in early-stage cancer detection.

This AI software cannot guarantee breast cancer detection with 100% accuracy.

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