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Breast Ultrasound

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Breast Ultrasound

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Breast Ultrasound

Breast Ultrasound + 3D Mammography is the standard of care in breast cancer screening for women with dense breast tissue.

Breast Ultrasounds are typically recommended for women with dense breast tissue. 

In addition to an annual screening mammogram, the two scans together can help give radiologists a more complete picture in order to diagnose disease. This is because dense breast tissue may make it more difficult for cancers to be spotted and may be associated with increased risk for breast cancer. 

It is important to remember that the density of breast tissue can change over time. Most often, but not always, breasts become more fatty as we age – so usually density decreases as we get older.

How do I know if I have dense breast tissue?

You will learn the density of your breast tissue during your mammogram. Southtowns Radiology Women’s Care, became the first and only breast imaging provider in Western New York use Volpara® Scorecard™, a software platform, to ensure reporting consistency. Our software will also incorporate your specific density score to calculate your own individualized breast cancer risk using the Tyrer-Cuzick model.

If your mammogram reveals that you have dense breast tissue, this will be included in the letter you receive following your mammogram. Many referring healthcare providers order the mammogram with a Bilateral Breast Sonogram for dense breast tissue, should this be confirmed on the mammogram.

If your mammogram indicates dense breast tissue, we will make every effort to perform the ultrasound for you the same day, while you are already in our office. You should know that screening mammograms are covered by insurance, but additional imaging may be subject to your copay, coinsurance or deductible, if applicable.

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Volpara Health

For the Inside View on dense breast tissue and how it affects breast cancer screening, check out this resource from our partners at Volpara Health.

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We support The Brem Foundation as they maximize every woman’s chance of finding early, curable breast cancer through education, access, and advocacy.

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